The Bridal Boutique

Congratulations on your engagement! The day you have dreamed of is about to happen, and Molle Bridals is the premier bridal dress boutique for the best one-to-one bridal gown experience that you, your closest friends and family members will experience and always remember. Our bridal dress stylists are committed to helping you find the most amazing bridal dress so that you look phenomenal for the most important day of your life.

Our Location

Molle Bridals is in the sophisticated Downtown at the Gardens complex in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, on the first level under the movie theater near Golf Smith and Sloan’s Ice Cream. The most convenient parking is in the northwest parking lot near TooJay’s and Golf Smith. Valet parking near TooJay’s is available.

Price Range

Our bridal dresses start at $1300.00 and go up to $5000.00.  The majority of our gorgeous bridal dresses are in the $1500.00-$3000.00 range and available for special order (4-6 months for production) or depending on selection, available for immediate purchase to take home same day.

By Appointment Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Closed Sundays.

Molle Bridals is a by appointment wedding dress boutique to ensure that every bride receives one-to-one attention and outstanding service. For walk-ins, if there is an open appointment available at the time you walk-in, we will be very excited to begin your bridal dress appointment immediately. Appointments can be made in advance (recommended), same day by telephone, or you can request online at our website. Even more exciting is that every bride is paired with her very own personal bridal dress stylist to guide her through the process and assist with wedding gowns, veils, accessories and everything for the perfect personal appearance. Brides can also reserve the entire boutique for themselves and family for 2.5 hours for a non refundable private reserve fee of $200.00.  If the bride purchases a dress during the appointment, 100% of the private reserve fee will be applied to the wedding dress cost.  Please call us for more details and times available.

What to Expect 

Bridal dress appointments run approximately 90 minutes. That is usually the ideal amount of time to try on several bridal dresses, narrow the selection and choose your bridal dress without feeling rushed. If you need more time, we will be happy to schedule a return visit.

Your bridal dress appointment begins with meeting your bridal dress stylist and going over your preferences for style and accessories. You and your bridal dress stylist will preview the collections for the most appealing bridal dresses to you. You are welcome to try on as many bridal dresses as you like in order to find the perfect, most flattering bridal dress. It’s helpful if you bring a few pictures of your favorite bridal dress styles and a list of preferences in shoes, veils and accessories.  Your bridal dress stylist can make custom recommendations just for you.

While our boutique is cozy and small with many beautiful bridal dresses, we do have limited seating. We ask that you bring 1 to 4 guests whose opinions matter most.  More than 4 guests will limit the comfortable, cozy atmosphere created for our brides. If you must have more than 4 four guests, please let us know in advance so that we can do our best to comfortably accommodate them to avoid standing.

Your bridal dress stylist will bring each bridal dress to your private dressing room and comfortably fit you in each one. Recommendations and eliminations are made by you and your bridal dress stylist, along with input from your friends, until you find your perfect bridal dress. Once you have committed to your dream dress, if the dress style selected is available for immediate release, it will be placed into a complimentary white linen garment bag and ready to take home same day. We do carry a variety of wedding dress styles available for immediate purchase.  If we cannot release a new dress style immediately, you will be able to make a special order.  Please know that special orders do take 4-6 months for production.  So please be ready to place your special order 9-12 months prior to your wedding day to avoid rush fees and delays.


The vast majority of bridal dresses will need some alterations to ensure the proper fit, and they vary from bride to bride and bridal dress to bridal dress. In our experience, the best couture seamstresses have their own businesses 10+ years or more, and we don’t want anyone but the best touching your bridal dress. Additionally, they are more flexible and affordable than in house alterations.  Our bridal stylists will answer your questions about how your bridal dress can be altered and provide the names of those local couture seamstresses used by our brides. When special ordering a bridal dress, our bridal stylists will measure you to get you close to the recommended size to limit the amount of alterations that will be done.  Alteration costs are separate and not included in the price of bridal gowns.

The Bridal Dress Stylists

The bridal dress stylists at Molle Bridals are experienced in all facets of bridal fashion, style, accessories and body fit and thoroughly enjoy guiding every bride into the perfect bridal dress.  Your amazing one-to-one bridal dress experience here will be one that exceeds your expectations, culminating in your finding the perfect bridal dress for your perfect wedding day.

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