About Jenn

Jennifer Molle Fisher

Owner and CEO

First of all congratulations on your engagement! I am so excited to meet you and help you select your beautiful wedding dress!

For me this destiny began years ago. I knew I wanted to venture out of the corporate world and into my own specialty business. I like helping people, and I wanted to provide a brand and brand experience that was special, unique and inspired me everyday.

I was working as a paralegal for 15+ years and had just been accepted to law school, but something just didn’t quite fit, until one day when I was helping my sister look for her wedding dress. Something started to click, and there was a quiet voice inside me that started growing louder.

We had been to several boutiques and we were frustrated because the experience that should have been wonderful was becoming extremely stressful.

Yes! Its true, that the first thing a new bride starts stressing about is finding her dress! But it doesn’t have to be that way today!

I just wanted my sister to have a fabulous time finding her gown, that’s not what we were getting. The dress experience should be the start of an amazing new journey in life, that your friends and family get to enjoy with you.

The other thing that was happening was we were traveling too far to find a dress. I realized that my local area had nothing to offer as far as bridal boutiques. The vision started to become clearer, and I started planning and creating my bridal boutique.

I drafted my business model. I wanted a curated assortment of modern bridal gowns, quality designers, all within a moderate price point of $1700- $3000.

I designed a boutique that was elegant but genuine in feel. I want my brides, their family and friends to feel special, not intimidated.

Molle Bridals is named after my late brother Michael Molle. He was a natural born entrepreneur, and such an inspiration to me and my family in life. I think he had a part in what that voice inside me was saying.

I love what I do everyday and I am so grateful and thankful for my brides, employees, designers, family and most of all God who has blessed me with this amazing career.