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The Healthy Primer for Brides

Staying calm, cool and collected to the altar. Bid farewell to cold feet, butterflies and any shred of anxiety in the weeks prior to your wedding. A few simple activities in your days can assure your best foot forward on that first step down the aisle with a calm, cool and collected mindset. You’re not […]

Timeless Beauty for Brides

By Joanne M. Anderson / jmawriter.com The beautiful bride is a healthy, intelligent woman who is attentive to beauty and wellness inside and out. She is realistic, has a sense of humor and adores the man who has chosen her out of all the women in the world to spend the rest of his life […]

Overlays and Jackets

There are about as many reasons for having an overlay or jacket with a wedding gown as there are fashions for them. Like everything else about your wedding dress, personal preference trumps all, with weather, location, venue and time of year being factored into decisions. “Some of our brides fall in love with a dress […]

10 Wedding Gown Neck Lines to Think About

The neckline of your wedding gown is one of the most prominent visual features, as the human eye is naturally drawn from one’s head and face to the shoulder and upper chest region or décolletage. “Like all aspects of your wedding gown,” Jen Molle of Molle Bridals explains, “the neckline reflects your personality. Your Big […]

The Bottom Line in Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns and dresses come in myriad lengths, and the one you select is a personal choice which may connect directly to your personality, budget, venue, activities and the event itself. Often, the late-in-life wedding or a second or third wedding precludes the traditional, long wedding gown. While a gown is defined as a “long, […]

The Honeymoon Hunt

Finding your perfect destination to celebrate marriage There’s no reason to feel obligated to honeymoon in one of those top billed “most romantic” of places around the world because you create the romance. It does not really matter if you are in a log cabin in the Great Smokies, a beachside suite at the Palm […]

Beach and Vintage Wedding Bouquets

In Florida, there are many cities which can give a unique bridal experience. Having the right bouquet to fit the atmosphere if you’re in Jupiter, Keys, or St. Augustine is easy to do with the right tips. The wedding bouquet is one of the most beautiful, integral components of the bride’s ensemble and presence, and […]

Top 9 Wedding Reception Tips

The Wow! Factor ~ making your reception the most memorable Your wedding reception may well consume the largest part of your wedding day budget and the biggest block of time. Thus, you want it to be memorable and very special ~ for yourselves and your guests. You want that kind of Wow! Factor that takes […]

Wedding Guests – Planning for Your Least Favorite

Planning for less-than-favorite wedding guests with new best friends and other tactics. Every wedding and reception has the odd uncle, the weird cousin or the loud someone-or-other who simply has to be on the guest list. Anticipating a positive RSVP from each one gives you the opportunity to exhibit your own brand of PR skills […]

Bachelorette Party Alternatives in Florida

This is Not Your Mother’s Hen Party The bachelor party is the inspiration for the bachelorette party, once dubbed a hen party or a stagette (in Canada). The bridal luncheon is still popular, but the bachelorette party is taking center stage as the must-do, most fun, all-female event before saying “I Do.” Most often planned […]