8 Beauty Tips for Honeymoon Travel

8 Beauty Tips for Honeymoon Travel. Mobile Image

Feb 09, 2015

Have you ever wondered how celebrities can look so beautiful when stepping off planes? We believe its because they have a secret entourage to touch them up prior to touching down. Because you wont have an entourage with you on your honeymoon, we have some tips to help you look fab in the car, on the plane, or wherever else you are so you can begin presenting the ideal Instagram pics from the start of your trip.

  1. Do not fight your hairs natural texture. If you have naturally curly hair, avoid trying to straighten your mane. Instead, use a cream that creates defined, frizz-free waves or curls. If you have wavy tresses, consider keeping sea salt water in a mini spritz bottle to create a quick revitalize.
  2. Bring an emergency, yet chic, hair tie on hand. An emergency constitutes those days when hairstyles will not cooperate. Choose hair ties that look like bracelets so, when they arent in use, they look like jewelry on your wrist.
  3. Use more moisturizer, rather than not enough (especially on the plane). Be sure to prepare yourself a lotion that is your favorite, and pack your favorite products for hydration. In the air, your skin will quickly become dehydrated. Take along oil-blotting papers, as well, to help reduce shine.
  4. Less is more with regards to make-up. Simplify your make-up routine so you dont have to worry about reapplying clumpy mascara, eyeliner thats runny, or smeary lipstick. Choose a light coverage foundation, a sheer lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and a single coating of mascara. Use lip balm to help with dry lips, rather than reapplying lipstick.
  5. Pack healthy treats. Rather than indulging in the foods offered on the plane, which are salty and bloat inducing, consider packing veggies and fruits with you. For those who like sweet snacks, consider protein bars.
  6. Dont forget the water! As boring as this sounds, your complexion needs you to load up on tons of water. In addition, bring green tea bags along with you and ask for cups of hot water while flying. This will help reduce redness on the plane due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.
  7. Preplan your outfits for the airport: even though celebrities say otherwise, we know they preplan their outfits for the airport. This doesnt mean you have to be uncomfortable. Consider lightweight sweaters, pixie pants, and ballet flats.
  8. Dont forget about scents. The occasion is a romantic one, after all, so take advantage. There are nighttime and daytime scents that offer simple details offering a huge difference. These can be in the way of an atomizer or a roll-on, depending on how you want to coax out these scents.
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