8 Tips for De-Stressing Prior to Your Wedding Day

8 Tips for De-Stressing Prior to Your Wedding Day

8 Tips for De-Stressing Prior to Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Feb 02, 2015

1: Assess Your Situation

Understand how much you can handle and exactly whom it is you can turn to for support and help prior to your wedding day. When you are self-aware and prepared, you have the keys to the success toward managing stress.

2: Practice Meditation

Its simple to become overwhelmed considering there is so much to stay on top of, so much to do, and a life altering event on the horizon. Its important to clear your mind of these worries. When youre lying in bed before sleep, begin focusing upon your cycle of in-and-out breathing for a period of a few minutes. Not only will this help relax your muscles, but it will also slow down your hearts rate.

3: Utilize Soothing Scents

Choose scents that are relaxing and soothing like jasmine, lavender, basil, and chamomile that have been proven to be beneficial in this area. When these scents are dabbed upon the wrists, they have been shown to quickly change moods. Scented candles or cups of brewed tea have also been shown to produce positive benefits, as well.

4: Keep Your Fianc├ęs Connection

With all the wedding-planning stresses and pressures, it isnt uncommon to lose connection with your groom-to-be. Squeeze in quality time alone with him by scheduling dinner out or a movie in or any other type of date night. Its natural to feel concerns about the upcoming wedding, so be sure to find the courage to talk to him about this.

5: Develop a Personal Manatra

Does your future mother-in-law fray your nerves? Find a place where you can be alone to shut your eyes for a minute. Take a deep breath and think to yourself, I am feeling well, and let out your breath while thinking, I feel inner peace. These personal mantras have been working for yogis and monks for centuries, and they can help you as well.

6: Create a Self-Care Routine

Seriously. For those who havent already amped up their pre-wedding exercise routines, now is the time. Exercise has proven to provide a positive psychological and emotional effect. Go running, walking, or dancing. These acts will help create endorphins that are stress-stabilizers.

7: Give Yourself Permission to Feel Nervous

You can be jittery; its okay. The culture dictates that engagements are supposed to be a time of happiness, but this isnt realistic. The fact of the matter is that, in addition to pre-wedding joy and excitement is fear. This is a healthy and normal feeling because you are questioning a commitment that is going to last a lifetime. No, youre not going to stop the marriage, youre allowing yourself to feel and move on.

8: Keep a journal

Rather than bottling up your feelings, write them down. This will prevent these feelings from festering and, ultimately developing into anxiety. You can identify what is bothering independently, and address this issue without prying eyes or opinions getting in the way.

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