8 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding

8 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding

8 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Feb 16, 2015

1. Begin Now

In order to truly get your skin in tip-top shape, a skincare regime really should start a year before your wedding date. However, if you do not have a year to plan, dont fret. Start now!

2. Up Your Watermelon Consumption

All skin types no matter if it is normal, dry, oily, or combination wants more water. Yes, drinking water is great. Did you know eating watermelon does the trick, too? There are more foods that keep your face hydrated including lettuce, grapefruit, and broccoli.

3. Use Your Hands to Cleanse

Most dermatologists wont tell you this, but you should be using yours hands to wash your face instead of a cloth. What most people dont realize is that washcloths hold bacteria. The best way to fight that is to simply use your hands. First, tackle long-wearing lipsticks and waterproof mascara using make-up remover.

4. Use Masks for Deep Cleaning

Do not replace daily washing with a mask, but rather as a cleansing enhancement. Because masks stay on longer, they will draw out oily substances that daily washing will not do alone. For those prone to oily skin, use of a mask as part of their every other day routine is essential. For those with dry skin, use of a mask monthly or every other week should help dirty and oil from causing a buildup.

5. Use Microdermabrasion to Shrink Pores

The reality is that there is no sure-fire way to truly change the size of an individuals pores. When a pore is deep, it looks enlarged. By changing the depth of the pore, it is possible to change the look of its size so it seems smaller. This is where microdermabrasion comes in.

6. Keep Professional Facials in Your Schedule

You need extra pampering and your wedding is the perfect excuse for some. Keep monthly facials in your schedule to keep your skin refreshed. In addition to having your skin massaged, the aesthetician will massage your scalp and stimulate your blood circulation to prevent your skin from looking sallow.

7. Soften Elbows Using Salt Scrubs

Most brides forget about their elbows. Be sure to add baths to your weekly routine, and toss in some bath salts containing sodium bicarbonate. This will help make the skin just like a sponge because the dry patches will be broken down by the sodium bicarbonate.

8. Use Moisturizer Specific to Your Skin

Skin that is oily: dont add more moisture, but keep it hydrated using ingredients like ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid. Skin that is dry: stay with ferulic or hyaluronic acid, however worry less about choosing formulas that are free from oil because your skin wants that extra moisture. Skin prone to break outs: choose moisturizers that specify that they are noncomedogenic on the bottle. Skin that is sensitive: choose a product that is free from fragrances.