Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing Wedding Flowers. Mobile Image

Nov 06, 2014

Flowers are a huge part of any wedding. Without flowers a wedding seems, well, bare. Something is lost when there is a lack of flowers. You can substitute some type of flora, but don't skip flowers altogether unless the bride or groom are very allergic. Even then, fake flowers can be purchased in very realistic forms.

Set a Budget

This is important. Set a budget and let the florist you speak with know that you're firm on that bottom line. Check out the flowers available locally, prices, and don't be afraid to ask for competitive pricing. If your florist won't budge, ask them why and ask for a demonstration of their abilities. Most florists will proudly show off their portfolio, not to mention have enough satisfied customers to provide references. If you can't afford a florist, buy the best that you can afford and follow the best tutorials you can.

Venue Counts

Sunflowers in a ballroom or orchids on a tractor might seem out of place. Pay attention to where you're having the wedding and follow the flow. If the area where the wedding is being held has a lot of natural flowers then you can skip buying a mountain of flowers. Keep styles cohesive to really pull together the entire look. Consult bridal magazines or home decorating brochures. Just because something doesn't have 'wedding' in the title doesn't mean the arrangements won't look perfect.

Get Advice

Ask friends and family about their lowers. Did you go to a wedding that had beautiful flowers? Ask the couple who their florist was. Everyone has opinions on who does the best flowers. Look at pictures and research online before choosing a florist or before choosing to go it on you own.


After the wedding there's going to be a lot of flowers left over. Use the left over flowers to decorate your new home, to give away to guests, or just offer them for free to the staff that help cater/decorate your wedding venue. Flowers can also be pressed to dry. Keep a few flowers preserved in this way to pass down to your children if you plan on having them.

Don't Regret...

Any of the decisions you make with your flowers. The best way to avoid regrets is to research terms, be clear in what you want, and to not over-do it. Don't over-fill tables with flowers so that guests have no comfortable place to eat, don't over-spend on flowers you hate, and choose colors you love. You have to live with the memories, make sure you have what you want before moving forward with decorating. Don't hesitate to ask a florist to re-do something or to refund if they don't deliver as promised.

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