The Dos and Donts of Your Wedding Dress:

The Dos and Donts of Your Wedding Dress:

The Dos and Donts of Your Wedding Dress:. Mobile Image

Dec 15, 2014

You more than likely already know what you want your wedding to look like but you need to now focus on getting the perfect gown. This article will teach you some of the basic dos and donts for a wedding gown; think of them as tips and tricks to get some things to go smoother.

Some examples of Dos:

  • Wherever you are having your wedding you should decorate based on the location, let the local history and culture influence how you set everything up
  • Wear footwear that you want to wear and that is comfortable for you based on the time of year and who you are; for example, some cute flip flops if you are having the wedding outside in July or a pair of gorgeous new cowgirl boots if you have southern roots and you can even consider sporting a sexy pair of white furry snow boots if you are having the wedding during the winter and in a lot of snow
  • Make it all that you want it to be; it is ok to follow tradition but it is also ok to put your own taste into the mixture of it all
  • Whatever style gown you decide to go with you need to be sure to choose the right shade of white made for your skin tone
  • Express who you are and how you feel through your gown; you can have a colorful sash added or long earrings or you can wear a set of matching pearls. The choices of combinations¬† are endless and they are all up to you
  • Even if you know what you might want in a gown it is ok to keep an open mind, different shapes are fun to try and they always look different when they are on you versus when they are on a hanger

Some examples of Donts:

  • Dont let your location hinder how you want your dress to look, if you think it may be wrong wear a cover up during the ceremony
  • You should not be more causal with what you are wearing when compared to your guests, you should be dressed for the best
  • If your wedding is on the beach you should not have a long gown and especially not a long train
  • Your accessories, if you use any should not overpower the dress, the detail should be in the dress itself¬†