Etiquette for Wedding Gifts: Gifts to Give and How Much to Spend

Etiquette for Wedding Gifts: Gifts to Give and How Much to Spend

Etiquette for Wedding Gifts: Gifts to Give and How Much to Spend. Mobile Image

Jan 30, 2015

Should you give a gift or cash? What about something personal or from their registry? An even better question, how much should be spent?

For guests, there is a lot of fun to be had at weddings however, they can be expensive. From the gift for the engagement to that of the bachelorette party or bridal shower right on up to the day of the wedding, bank accounts could drain fast.

Even though it is a personal choice what is given as a gift, as well as a variety of other factors, there are some tips and suggestions provided by financial insiders regarding gift etiquette as a whole.

Some wedding insiders suggest that the engagement gift should be twenty percent of your gift giving budget, the engagement gift should be another twenty percent, and the remaining sixty percent should go toward the wedding gift.

When it comes to determining how much to spend on the wedding gift, insiders suggest spending around $75-$100 for distant friends or co-workers. However, if youre attending a close friend or family members wedding, gifts should range from $100-$125. The best way to gauge how much to spend is to look at your budget and consider how well you know who is getting married.

Are you wondering what type of gift to give? Believe it or not, many couples about to web actually prefer receiving checks and this is perfectly acceptable. Even though some believe it isnt a good idea to give money as a gift, the fragile economy dictates that this is a reasonable option due to how financially strapped many guests are nowadays.

For those who are still questioning what they should do, selecting something from the gift registry is your best bet. In order to give the couple something unexpected and special, many guests prefer not to choose something from the registry. However, when there is no other ideas available, this is the most viable option when one or more registries are set up.

In many cases, it is not uncommon for gift etiquette to be regional. For example, in the tri-state area, cash gifts could be more common while, in southern or Midwest areas of the United States, registry or physical gifts could be more common.

Another consideration to make with regards to spending is that, if you are attending a destination wedding, it is acceptable to spend less for the wedding gift. You should not opt out on giving the gift, though. Simply stating that your attendance is a good enough gift is not acceptable.

The last thing guests should take note of is gift giving etiquette and how long to wait. Is it really okay to wait one year following the wedding? According to insiders, it is actually rude to do so. The best plan of action is to either give a wedding gift prior to or at the wedding. This is primarily because the couple will begin writing their thank you notes within months of tying the knot, therefore it is a courtesy not to have to make them continue or wait a year following the exchanging of vows.