Great Tips for Fabulous Favors

Great Tips for Fabulous Favors

Great Tips for Fabulous Favors. Mobile Image

Nov 23, 2014

Although they are a great way to show your appreciation for your guests presence to your wedding, party favors often get left behind to be used as dust collectors or even thrown away that night or the next morning. In order to prevent this from happening to your next party favors that you put thought and work into, put even more thought and work into them by using these top tips for the most fabulous favors.

Think Practical

Before choosing those favors you want to show your guests your appreciation for being at your wedding, put some extra thought into them before dishing out the extra cash. Choose something they will appreciate so much that they will make sure to take them home and will not throw them in the trash. Try to go for something you would want to keep for a while.

Dont use your initials

Try to resist on the urge to use a monogram of your initials on the favors. Also, resist the urge on using your wedding date on them. Personalizing them is a great way to make them trash before they are appreciated. One example is although many people who entertain a lot would enjoy coasters but dont want to show your initials on them to everyone they know. Just try to avoid this as much as possible.

Choose something meaningful

Try to find something meaningful you and your guests both like. Do you both enjoy wine? Maybe you could buy them something like mini wine bottles. Or how about something like golf balls or tees that has the location of your wedding on them? Something like this might be a big hit with your guests.

Try to make-it-yourself

You could also DIY your party favors instead of buying them. Just make sure it is going to be something simple because although this will save you money, it will also be a lot of work on your end. One thing you can do to make sure it is not going to be too hard or take a lot of time is to try making a few at first to gauge how much work this project will be for you. Dont be afraid to ask your family or bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor for help with making them either.

Try it before you buy it

Once you choose the ones you want, do a trial run on them first. This can especially be done if you are ordering them online because you can order a small shipment of them to try out before you purchase the whole thing. This is even true if you are buying something personalized like tags to go on your homemade favors. Make or order extra Whether you decide to give out one favor per guest or per couple, make sure to order or make a few extra. A good idea on the amount of extra ones you might need would be about 10 for every 100 guests. This is important in case the ones you give out get lost or broken before you give them out.

Wrap them up

Wrapping them up is a great way to not only personalize and surprise your guests but also a great way to show them how much you appreciate them by wrapping them in something nice.

Plan your display

Plan on when you will hand them out to everyone. Although they are thought of as parting gifts for your guests, they can be handed out or displayed at any time. You can either have them displayed before they get there or hand them out in the middle of the party or the end as a nice surprise for everyone. You should also put someone you trust in charge of them to display or hand out to everyone. Just be sure they know how you want them done. Using these top tips for the best favors will have your guests not only talking about the favors, appreciating you for thinking of them, but also keeping them for a long time to come.