The Healthy Primer for Brides

The Healthy Primer for Brides

The Healthy Primer for Brides. Mobile Image

Sep 08, 2016

Staying calm, cool and collected to the altar.

Bid farewell to cold feet, butterflies and any shred of anxiety in the weeks prior to your wedding. A few simple activities in your days can assure your best foot forward on that first step down the aisle with a calm, cool and collected mindset. You're not in training for a marathon, but many of the same principles apply on the final stretch to your big day.

Be Prepared.

It's the motto of the scouts and for good reason. Staying well-organized all along the planning way leaves little to chance while enveloping you with the reassurance that details have been addressed, references checked and scheduling double-checked. You can then face little surprises and disappointments - and there could be some - with confidence and come through with a thoughtful response. Along with "Be Prepared", there's an old saying that goes: "Respond, Don't React."

Sweet Slumber.

Well-rested people are known to be the most effective and productive in their homes and work environments. Go to bed close to the same time each night, allowing at least seven full hours of sleep. Turn off little lights from gadgets. Mute e-mail and text sounds. If you live in a noisy place for traffic or business, turn on white noise for a steady hum.

3 Squares a Day.

In spite of all kinds of advice to the contrary, the human body was designed for three meals a day with down time during the night. Thus, breakfast is really "break" + "fast", as you have been fasting in the night. Eat stuff that you know is good for you, and toss in a spot of chocolate, wine and ice cream occasionally.

Be Physical.

Walking, jumping rope, working out in any way promote good circulation, good moods and good satisfaction. Remember that your beloved is marrying you, not some modified, thinner, scrappier, or more muscular you. Be you, and get exercise every day so you can feel your best, maintain your stamina and look forward to activities with your special spouse.

Visit a Health Food Store.

These shops contain a wealth of good stuff, from organic lotions and soaps to granola, specialty teas, nuts, freshly ground flours, gluten-free foods, fun juices, fair trade coffee, fresh produce, books, trinkets and food stuff you never knew existed. Indulge in something. It's also a great place to buy birthday and Christmas gifts, even wedding favors and bridal party presents.

Fresh air.

You don't have to take a brisk walk every day, though it's an excellent form of exercise, but be sure to get as much fresh air as you can. The pollutants inside our homes and offices are at an all-time high, and good fresh air improves blood pressure and strengths your immune system. It can contribute to cleaning your lungs and promoting energy and a sharp mind.

Tea 'n Chat.

There not much more soothing for women than a friend and a chat over a pot of tea. Share your excitement, your apprehensions, your challenges, as you listen to someone else's excitement, apprehensions and challenges. Friends can boost our self-esteem and provide comfort, support and laughter while giving us the opportunity to encourage and motivate one another.

Quiet Corner.

Finding a quiet corner is both figurative in your head and literal in establishing a sweet space you can go for quiet contemplation, prayer, meditation. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day or at least five days a week. Put it on your calendar. Excuse yourself from friends or co-workers or family. Get comfy. Close your eyes. Let your mind wander to someplace beautiful as you consciously relax your face, neck, shoulders, arms, torso and on down your body, wiggling your toes and relaxing. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth softly, and don't fall asleep. It will rejuvenate you in a calm, cool, collected way.