How To: Plan A Microwedding

How To: Plan A Microwedding

With all the changes of the past year, the microwedding has been increasing in popularity—even as restrictions loosen and guest lists are able to grow again, some couples are still opting for a smaller, more intimate ceremony. Whether you’re planning your microwedding as a safety precaution for you and your loved ones or you just prefer the idea of a smaller ceremony, we’re breaking down our favorite tips for planning gorgeous microweddings. 


Venue is Key


When planning a more intimate microwedding, it’s important to pick the right venue—something too big will take away that cozy, intimate feeling you’re looking for. One of the best things about a microwedding is it’s much easier to plan a destination ceremony! When you have fewer guests, they’re usually more willing to fly somewhere for your ceremony, and your venue booking won’t cost as much as if you were booking for that 150 person ball room. 

Use Your Budget for Unique Details


Another amazing advantage of the microwedding? Your budget goes a lot further. With less people to buy food and drink for, you can put that portion of your budget into something you’re really excited about. Maybe you’re opting to get a more expensive dress or choosing a more complex menu, but the possibilities of the details are really opened up with a smaller ceremony. 



Finding the right entertainment for your reception can be tough—after all, with a smaller guest list, you won’t have the same crowded dance floor atmosphere. You know your guests best (after all, you’re only inviting those closest to you!), so judge what you’d prefer for your reception yourself. If your guests aren’t big dancers, maybe opt for a really lovely, exquisite meal to end the night. On the other hand, if you know your guests are going to be all in to celebrate with a party—crowded dance floor or not—go ahead and get a band!

Find the Right Officiant


With a smaller wedding, your ceremony will be a lot more personal. It’s important to find the right officiant—with a small guest list, it’ll be that much more special if your officiant knows you and your partner well and can make the ceremony fit your microwedding perfectly. 

Wear Something Amazing


One of our favorite things about microweddings is the fashion opportunities (shocking, we know). When you plan a smaller wedding, you can opt for something a bit more out of the box—brides with smaller ceremonies can easily pull of a short wedding dress, or something more fashion-forward and trendy that suits your personal style perfectly. Just because your ceremony is small doesn’t mean you need to pick a wedding dress that’s subdued! In fact, we think it’s even more reason to go big or go home. After all, your guests will be seeing all the stunning details of your wedding dress up close!

If you’re planning your microwedding and need a gorgeous dress, book an appointment at Molle Bridals and we’ll help you find something completely perfect for the occasion.