Let Them Eat Bridal Cake

Let Them Eat Bridal Cake

Let Them Eat Bridal Cake. Mobile Image

Nov 21, 2015

Let Them Eat Bridal Cake, cake that reflects your style. No matter how great the champagne or prime rib, the wedding cake takes center stage for beauty and flavor. Popularity of wedding cakes in America soared when refined sugar became abundant and affordable, permitting bakers to cover cakes in icing similar to a meringue of sugar and beaten egg whites. While tiered wedding cakes with white icing and sugar flowers dominated receptions for centuries, more custom styles and contemporary flavors reflect the personality of the bride and wedding theme. Many couples embrace the little ceramic couple on the top of the cake, and just as many are personalizing this confection with lace patterns, real flowers (edible only, please), hobby miniatures, gnomes and all sorts of whimsical decorations and colors. The cakes themselves might not even be round, in favor of hexagon or square with geometric frosting designs and a monogram topper.

Once relegated to Christmas, red velvet cake is surging in popularity, along with:

  • pink champagne
  • lemon
  • white chocolate with raspberry
  • coconut and lime
  • carrot cake
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • marble (not necessary chocolate and yellow).
Cakes where every tier is a different flavor should to have something to please every guest. Layers can be separated or infused with frosting, mousse, ganache, flavored liqueur, fresh fruit or custard. Cheesecake is a trusty standby for the low carb crowd with a variety of fruit or berry toppings. As cupcake bakeries have flourished, so have wedding cupcakes, which are often more affordable and more personal. The big advantage is being able to have several flavors along with the option of ordering large, medium or mini-cupcakes. Cupcakes are also on the do-it-yourself list, especially if you have great bakers in a mom, grandma, aunt, cousins or friends. To replace the wedding cake, a cupcake display should be tall and beautiful. Many couples who want cupcakes are not willing to sacrifice the cake cutting tradition, so they order a small cake for that proverbial photo op of popping a piece in one another's mouth. As weddings become more creative and personal, small cakes or cheesecakes or tiered plates of cupcakes can be found on each table. For a large reception, this makes it easy for guests to enjoy dessert without waiting or standing in line. Your own wedding cake selection will be determined by your budget, style, venue and personality. From rustic chic and the natural outdoor wedding to the church reception and 5-star ballroom extravaganza, it's your day, your gown, your ceremony and your cake. Whether you choose a traditional, multi-tiered, classical, white wedding cake served on bone china with silver forks or lovely, finger lifting carrot cupcakes sweetly arranged on an antique wooden crate, guests will love you for letting them eat cake!