Planning a Bridal Shower

Planning a Bridal Shower

Planning a Bridal Shower. Mobile Image

Nov 06, 2014

Planning a bridal shower doesn't have to be hard. In fact, the process should be fun for planner and attendees. Follow along for some great tips on how to have the best time planning a shower and also how to avoid a real headache.

Get Planning!

Having the drive to plan the bridal shower takes initiative and leadership. Don't be a drill sergeant, but do organize help. If you can't get everyone that can give input together in person try a group email. Keep an eye on replies so that no one gets left out. Don't assign duties to people unless they indicate they'd prefer to be told what to do. Some people like elbow room to be creative and others need solid structure or lists. Ask which method works best for each person.

Talk to the Bride

Yes, showers are all about surprised brides and fun gifts. Thing is, you don't want your bride to feel so uncomfortable she sinks into the floor during an adult toy party. Is she traditional or a rebel? Ask your friend (the bride) what she's liked about showers she attended in the past or if she has a way she always envisioned her own to be. Take your cues from her.

Set Guidelines

Once you've spoken with the bride, set up some general guidelines for gift giving. A price limit and a 'raunch'y' limit is a good line of thought. Some brides may be offended if they receive sex toys and the like. Some guests may be uncomfortable seeing them or seeing an adult theme. Set guidelines and make sure all guests are aware.

Who's Coming?

Is there anyone that your bride just can't stand? Never invite someone the bride hates or that isn't invited to the wedding. The best way to avoid any mishaps is to ask for the wedding guest list and to double check your guest list with the bride's.

Wanna Eat?

You're not required to put on a full meal. Showers usually have a snack theme though you can certainly have a catered event. That's completely up to you.

Send Out Invitations

You can send out paper invitations or organize an event through Facebook or other social media sites. It would depend on you and also your bride's preferences. If she is very Eco-concious, you may wish to use an online system or even a text messaging invitation.

Getting Together

Try to keep things loose and flexible for the shower. People may have to come in late due to work or other reasons. You'll need to have some help with the gift process- someone to hand her thegifts and someone else to note who gave it so the bride can send thank you notes later. Have a plan in place, but don't get out of whack if the flow goes in a different direction. Have fun and relax, enjoying the party you helped create.

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