Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower. Mobile Image

Apr 15, 2015

You Cant Buy Me Love

As the old adage goes, You cant buy me love. But what you can buy are extraordinary wedding gifts for the bride and groom. And that is just what they are anticipating, lots and lots of goodies to enjoy over the many years of their marriage.


Your best friend is getting married and you couldnt be any more excited for their upcoming nuptials. But then she asked you to be her maid of honor and you bite your tongue as you nod hesitantly in agreement. You realize immediately that youre going to be responsible for hosting the ever so important bridal shower. But with a few simple pointers, it doesnt have to be such a daunting task to tackle.

Start by setting up a small round table by the entrance with a lovely journal and pens. Invite the guests to sign in and document a nice memory of the loving couple as a keepsake for the bride to be. Arrange a small bouquet of fresh flowers next to the journal for a pleasing fragrance for guests. It creates the perfect ambiance.

To the left of the guests coming in, place a large round table for the gifts to be located prior to them being opened. Adorn the table with a fabric linen and utilize an inexpensive projector to run an ongoing picture story of the couples life together thus far. It is an excellent conversation starter as it reminds guests of their fond memories together. A balloon bouquet with long streamers can be placed on either side to frame the wall visually.

Place three long tables at the back of the room. Cover them with crisp white fabric linens. Add texture by using course burlap as a table runner. Sprinkle clear glass beads down the length of the table over the burlap. They will sparkle as the light hits them. Keep the food simple and serve in a buffet style for a smooth flow of traffic.

A consistent crowd pleaser for even the pickiest eater is a deconstructed stack up. Establish plates and cutlery at the beginning of the table. Then offer an oversized punch bowl full of tortilla chips with a scoop for ease of use.

Next, in a warming pot serve ground beef mixed in with crushed tomatoes and take care to make sure that it is well - seasoned. Rice, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, fresh cilantro, shaved coconut, lime wedges, cheese, olives, and chives are all great choices to offer as potential toppers. The more options to choose from the happier the guest.   

And last but not least, on the right, can be a round table covered in shimmering lavender linen. Sprinkle glass beads as well for extra sparkle and shine. The cake should be the real show stopper. Just one suggestion would be a three-tiered strawberry cake with white fondant covering it wholly. In icing, request that diamond shapes are outlined on each layer from the bakery. At every cross section, place an edible pearl for added appeal.