Riddle Me This Bride To Be

Riddle Me This Bride To Be

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May 11, 2015

The love of your life popped the big question after you had waited for so long. And now your head is spinning with so many things to do. The list is seemingly endless. Your first job as the bride to be is to get focused and organized if you are planning your own nuptials. The primary reason for the straightforwardness is the fact that no one cares as much about your wedding being perfect more than you do.

For every bride, from the beginning of time, most likely saw the most important choice to be made as being the selection of the wedding gown to be worn on that special day. In truth, it can be utterly overwhelming when youre first getting started. Which is a pitfall of having so many options readily available at your virtual touch online.

But you know that your soon to be betrothed, is one of the best guessers around and he knows your ins and outs like the back of his hand. You find yourself wondering how the dress will be kept a mystery until he first sees you starting down that long aisle of the church. You dont want anything to compromise that perfect moment when he undoubtedly will have a tear in his eye because you took his breath away.

Allow things to be hidden in plain sight.

This means that in order to keep him guessing, change your passwords immediately on all of your gadgets and gizmos. Dont use easily guessable words or phrases. Those are way too easy for him to guess with little effort at all. For example, if your pet name for your manly man is Sweets, Cuteness, or Sparkey, then it would be wise to eliminate those as options.

If he is tempted to snoop, make it impossible for him to do so. Use a password such as: D@vidS0nBOY. He will never unlock that code even if he had a million years to do so. It is just not possible. So now you are keeping your photos and things you dont want him to see under a lock and key so to speak. 

Unfriend Him on all Social Media

It is just a fact that people say and share a lot of information by way of social media outlets these days. Albeit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so many others that are readily available to everyone. It may or may not surprise you that participants are more than willing to bear all for close friends, family, all the way to recent acquaintances to comment on their circumstances.   

But what you may not know is that once you upload your truly special and personal pics, that very same pic can be used for whatever the site operators see fit. You might see yourself in an advertisement or as a warning for sexually transmitted diseases which goes way farther than ruining the surprise. 

Enlist A Good Friend

It is never a good idea to maintain the expensive piece of artwork at your residence for so many reasons. Ask a friend or coworker to be the gatekeeper for the gown. Chances are they would be flattered to have that responsibility and it will give the bride peace of mind during all of the hustle and bustle.