The Princess Bride To Be

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Jun 01, 2015

As a little girl, she laid in her bed at night twirling her curly blonde hair around her finger. Her thoughts are drifting off to how her prince charming would sweep her off her feet and marry her that same day. She dreamed of a crisp white gown, so long that it would take three attendants to help her reach the altar where her true love awaited her. With an imagination that fruitful, how would the real wedding day ever add up to that little girl dreams? That is almost always the conundrum, unrealistic ideas and lean pockets do not make for good times. So, it is not at all abnormal for brides to be looking for ways to cut the costs down a little. There is a multitude of ways to do just that, by putting that same bright imagination to work. Let the mantra be dare to be different than the rest. No one wants to attend repeats of the same thing over and over and over again. So, give your guests something new and different than anything that they have seen before. Some of the best weddings were ones that didnt follow the unwritten rules. They went with what felt right to them and stood proudly by it. First, location, location, location. Choose a naturally beautiful place that is well maintained during the time of year you want to book it. A local park with a gazebo, a friends garden with blooming flowers, or even out on the open countryside. They all make excellent settings. Hit the thrift stores, dump grounds, and second-hand stores to find the aged and loved good stuff. To decorate, place hay bales stacked up three high to serve as the entrance into the space. Hang a large beaten up picture frame from each. And Inside of the frames, roll up a couple of rounds of barbed wire in a circle. Then secure a bundle of brightly colored wildflowers in front of the spiked wire. Line both sides of the walkway with a mix match of glass bottles and vases in different shapes and sizes and colors. Frost the outside of them prior to the event and throw a glow stick inside. It is particularly pretty for an evening event. Use hay bales also as guest seating with an old tattered quilt blanket thrown over the top. It makes for rustic perfection. In what would be the front of the space, hang a line of metal bailing wire from one side to the other and then suspend mason jars with t - lights burned in them that sway gently in the wind. It is great ambiance for the bride and groom to stand under. Of course the wedding cakes, for him and her, should be provided as well as a beautiful punch for the guests. But for the meal, consider a pot-luck styled meal. The Wedding Party offers brisket, beans, and bread. But the real greatness of the idea is that all of those beautiful, loving guests are offered an opportunity to participate in the particular event. And in truth nothing says love like a well - made dish. Give the honored guests the opportunity to prepare and bring their favorite potato salad, noodles, pasta salad, sweet cornbread, or whatever they make the best. It makes for a lovely conversation piece during the festivities as well. Everyone loves to discuss food and recipes together; its a safe common ground during a long reception.