Things to Keep in Mind when it comes to Engagement Parties:

Things to Keep in Mind when it comes to Engagement Parties:

Things to Keep in Mind when it comes to Engagement Parties:. Mobile Image

Dec 06, 2014

By the end of this article you will be able to completely understand the basics of engagement parties and will be able to host one with no issue or be a quest at one with no complaint. Take into consideration all of the information that follows and know what to expect and how to handle an issue if one were to arise.

What is an engagement party?

It is a party where friends and family can congratulate you on getting engaged to the one you love. It is a great way for everyone to get to know everyone and for both families to bond and get a glimpse of how the future will look. You want everyone to get along and this is the chance to get things out of the way before everyone gets back together at the actual wedding.

Who throws the party?

Usually the parents of the bride has the engagement party but over the last few years the couples have been throwing their own engagement parties or their best friends had one for them. In some situations the friends are asked to be the host and in other cases they volunteer to host it.

When should the party be?

An engagement party should always be a few months after the engagement but at least nine months or so before the wedding you still have time to plan everything out.

Where should the party be?

It depends on who you want to invite to it and where everyone lives, in complicated situations there can be more than one party, for example one with your friends in the state where you are living and then one in the state with your family and friends that live there; Or one party with the adults and family and one party for the friends.

Who should be invited?

A lot of people think that you should only invite people to the engagement party if they are coming to the wedding but this is not true anymore; you can invite whoever you want, in fact more people are invited to the party than the wedding now a days and you should invite your friends, your family, co-workers and whoever else you want there.

What to have for food and drinks?

Finger foods and appetizers are common and based on the type of party a cook out is featured as well. Set it up like a buffet, keep foods and drinks organized but offer a variety; think about the favorites of the bride and the groom.