Timeless Beauty for Brides

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Sep 08, 2016

By Joanne M. Anderson / jmawriter.com The beautiful bride is a healthy, intelligent woman who is attentive to beauty and wellness inside and out. She is realistic, has a sense of humor and adores the man who has chosen her out of all the women in the world to spend the rest of his life with. While genetics and good habits contribute to one's skin quality and appearance, the human body is a forgiving mechanism and even a few months in advance, the conscientious bride-to-be can embrace a few simple beauty routines that yield remarkable results on her wedding day. Let's look at these:
  • best feature
  • smile
  • hydration
  • skin care
  • nutrition
  • hands
  • hair
Accentuate your best feature(s). If your skin is not flawless, but your eyes are beautiful, then practice make-up that spotlights your eyes. Should you have outstanding hair that cascades around your shoulders, plan a style that plays up your hair. If you have been blessed with  and cared for a nice figure, choose a wedding gown that flatters the most important aspects. Bridal consultants at Molle Bridals in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., are experienced in evaluating body shapes and wedding gown styles that elicit the wow factor every time. Whatever your best assets, focusing on enhancing them leaves everything else in the background. One of the first things everyone notices in person and in photos is a smile. You can practice and achieve the smile that best showcases your facial features. A smallish smile projects insecurity, and a very high and large smile can expose gums above the front teeth. Ask a couple close friends how you look best smiling. Take selfies, evaluate which smile you like best and practice for picture perfect photos. Indulge in a teeth whitening regimen a few months in advance. Hydration is an important part of daily life, and perhaps even more so in the months approaching your wedding day. It's a well-known fact that drinking plenty of water replenishes skin and promotes wellness. One of the most common causes of fatigue is mild dehydration. Consuming eight glasses of water a day can minimize back pain, reduce cancer risk, prevent headaches and contribute to proper circulation and digestion and feeling wonderful on your wedding day. Skin care is essential in the months prior to your wedding day as it's likely that parts of your skin will be exposed that normally may not be on display, like the back of your neck, arms, upper shoulders and décolletage. A good suggestion is to begin a gentle exfoliating and moisturizing treatment about six months in advance. For professional advice, spring for a facial treatment, and ask the esthetician for an ongoing skin care routine. You can probably find comparable lotions and cleansers at your pharmacy for much less than they charge, and the advice will be worth the cost of a treatment. If you use self-tanning cream, consider one of the gradual tanning products rather than slathering on a bunch of goop the night before which may stain your wedding dress. Again, this is a good place to test in advance the tan you want, how to achieve it best and wear a white top each day to see how much, if any, and which brand, rubs on and colors the fabric. Self-tanning creams can stain clothing forever. Healthy eating is a life-time challenge, and your man has fallen in love with you at your current weight and wellness. Continue with what you know is good for you, and try making little tweaks as needed to your eating habits in the weeks and months prior to the wedding day. It's been said that doing something for 14 days can turn it into a habit. This is not the time for crash diets or complete food makeovers. The healthier you eat, the better you will look and feel about yourself. Your groom will place a ring on your finger, and most likely you will cut a cake together. Your hands will be front and center in some of the most prized photographs. If you do not normally wear nail polish, do a trial run in a couple different salons well in advance to find the color and style you like the best. Exfoliate your hands once or twice a week in a simple solution of olive oil and twice as much sugar, like one tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of sugar. This is an excellent exfoliating-moisturizing combo for your face and exposed skin as well! Hair frames a face just like a frame accents a piece of art, but better. Hair is smooth, soft, pretty and even glamorous. It can be complemented with a bridal veil or fresh flower hair ring. The Molle Bridals professionals know well which kinds of veils look, feel and wear comfortably with what hair styles and gown designs. Experiment well in advance if you are thinking of altering your hair color or style. Apple cider, beer, honey and egg whites are on the long list of home conditioning treatments. Keep your hair clean, and staying hydrated contributes to your hair condition. A tablespoon of lemon juice left in has been reported as good for combating dryness. The most important tidbit of advice out here is not to begin or change something dramatically in the weeks before a wedding. Your man fell in love with you, the today you, not a new you. Taking care of yourself and radiating your love and promise to stand by his side throughout the coming years and decades is his dream. Make it yours, too, and beauty will emanate from you head to toe.