Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding planning is a lovely journey filled with joy, excitement, and nervous jitters! Your Pinterest board is likely already full of inspiration posts as you await the big day, but we’re here to add to it. Here are our favorite wedding color palettes for each season:


Spring & Green


For spring, we’re swooning over the color green! Symbolizing revival, growth, and abundance, green pairs wonderfully with the fresh blooms of your ceremony’s surrounding season, and perfectly mirrors the start of you and your love’s new life together.


Summer & Pink


Symbolizing playful romance, friendship, and affection, pink offers the perfect palette for a summer wedding. This flirty tone adds a youthful touch to your ceremony, and helps get all of your guests in the mood for a lively celebration under the summer sun! 


Fall & Burgundy


If you’re having a fall wedding, your ceremony will likely be surrounded by dried greenery, slowly fading into dusty oranges and browns. Burgundy perfectly complements the muted tones of autumn, and adds a luxurious, regal aura to your special day.


Winter & Blue


During the coldest phase of the year, nothing keeps your winter wedding on theme with the season quite like the color blue. Representing tranquility, comfort, and bliss, this cool shade brings peace to your special day, and looks incredible paired with silver. 

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