Wedding Dresses For Your Bohemian Wedding

Have others described you as carefree? A little unconventional? Confident yet easy-going? The good news is that we have some good news for the kind of person who doesn't hesitate to challenge the status quo, especially when it comes to their wedding. Perhaps you're a bohemian bride! Wedding dresses for boho brides must be boho. Check out our favorite bohemian wedding dresses if you're on the hunt for one!



These dresses are perfect for a boho bride! What makes these gowns work is how lightweight and airy they are. The delicate spaghetti straps on the left gown and the soft embroidered bodice of the right gown are fantastic details to keep an eye out for when searching for a bohemian bridal look. 



These gowns demonstrate how versatile boho dresses can be! While they look quite different from each other, they’re equally as great for bohemian brides. Again, look for sheer, lightweight fabrics, lace details, and beautiful embroidery that’s unique. 

If you’re ready to find a boho-chic gown with us at Molle Bridals, book an appointment today!