Wedding Etiquette 2017

Wedding Etiquette 2017. Mobile Image

Jan 13, 2017

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, exciting and confusing.  Knowing today's wedding etiquette will be very helpful to everyone including the couple and the guests.  Planning Your Wedding Call your parents before telling the world on Facebook or Instagram about your engagement.  Your parents and extended family would like to hear it from you first before seeing it on social media.  It is definitely the most personal, respectful and courteous way of handling it. And you dont have to make a phone call to every family member but just the ones who are closest to you.  FB relationship status You can change your status anytime.  It is so exciting you are engaged!  Why not share it by updating your status as engaged plus it is the easier way of letting friends and colleagues know of your exciting news!  For some engaged couples, it is not the most important thing on their to-do list and that is certainly fine.  Its all up to you and dependent upon on how much of a social media player you are. Send out Save-the-Dates by email Everyone knows the cost of the wedding can be quite expensive.  So why not save some money and create a cute save the date email.  It is very cost effective and it puts everyone on notice of your upcoming wedding.  Just because the invites are electronic doesn't mean they cant have style or personality. There are plenty of sites that let you customize e-invites so they look beautiful and unique. Its the more conventional way of doing things quick and it is cost effective. Of course, paper invites are totally okay. Paper invitations Paper invitations are still the way to go to formally announce the wedding day, venue and time.  It is more personal, special and a keepsake.  You can find gorgeous invitations online or at Swoozies in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Just be ready to sit down and go through dozens of binders filled with every beautiful stock of invitation. Spread the word about your wedding hashtag or Snapchat filter We've gotten to the point where almost everyone (except maybe some older relatives) are familiar with hashtags and know how to use them, so you shouldn't feel weird about putting it out there. Think of ways you can tie it into your paper elements in a pretty or witty way. You can also tie it into your wedding website or on your wedding invitations. Dont hesitate to ask guests to share photos of themselves as they prep for your weddingand make sure to set up materials like table tents or cards that encourage guests to use that fancy Geofilter you designed. Sharing pics of the newlyweds Everyone is excited to share the weddings pictures of the bride and groom.  However, if the newlyweds have announced they do not want pictures shared of them from the wedding, then do not post them.  Respect the couples wishes and wait for them to post the wedding pictures before you start posting yours.   If the couple hasnt made any announcement regarding pictures then the safe thing to do is just to wait for a family member to do it first. Turn your phone off Please please put the cell phone away and enjoy the wedding the couple has spent so much time planning.  Its a great time to meet new people and relax from the cell phone.  You will have plenty of time to get back to those calls and texts. It actually takes more energy to sneak a text or check phone call while trying to act like you are paying attention.  So, just let it go.  It can wait. RSVP on time The couple has spent much time preparing for the most incredible day of their lives.  And they have sent you an invitation to attend that incredible day.  So why not thank them and send the RSVP back before the deadline.  This will give them much relief and they will be so appreciative to receive your rsvp on time.  Just a side note, if your invitation does say 1, its you and only you are invited.  Dont call them asking if you can bring a guest. Now that everyone knows you are engaged, the RSVPs are back, and cell phones are off, enjoy your incredible wedding day!!