Wedding Gift: What and How Much to Give

Wedding Gift: What and How Much to Give

Wedding Gift: What and How Much to Give. Mobile Image

Mar 08, 2015

Should you give a wedding gift or some cash? Should it be something personal or a gift from their registry? Or, an even better question, how much money should I spend?

For those who are attending weddings, they can be tons of fun, but they can also be expensive. Everything from the engagement gift to the bridal gift and everything else leading up to the wedding day, this cause bank accounts to quickly drain.

Even though it is your choice what you do, it is also dependent upon many factors, and financial insiders are weighing in on some tips and suggestions regarding etiquette for gifts.

It is typically recommended that engagement gifts should be twenty percent of your budget, the bridal shower gift should be the next twenty percent of your budge, and the remaining sixty percent of your budget should be spent on the wedding gift.

It isnt necessary to purchase an extravagant engagement gift and then later on realize you do not have enough in your budget to purchase a gift for the wedding. It is important to plan ahead and allocate your funds for each gift accordingly.

For distant friends and co-workers, you should spend between $75-100 on wedding gifts. For friends and relatives, the recommended spending should be between $100-125. When speaking to brides and grooms, experts have found that their friends have spent around $79 on their gifts, while family members typically spent around $146.

The biggest question remains, though, what type of gift should be given? Nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable for the couple to receive a check. These days, couples actually prefer this. Cash gifts are typically $150.

Even though this is an accepted option, many people dont like giving cash. Because some guests are strapped financially, and couples understand this, personalized gifts are another option. Many guests are going off the registry so they can provide something personalized and unexpected to the couple, too.

Those who are having a destination wedding, remember that out of town guests will likely spend less on gifts. Those who are attending should still bring something. Remember that your attendance is not good enough.

No matter what you decide to give the couple for their gift, be sure not to stress yourself out over it too much. Keep in mind that it is the thought that counts. If you want to give the couple cash or something off of their registry, than that is absolutely what you should do!