10 Wedding Gown Neck Lines to Think About

10 Wedding Gown Neck Lines to Think About

10 Wedding Gown Neck Lines to Think About. Mobile Image

Aug 09, 2016

The neckline of your wedding gown is one of the most prominent visual features, as the human eye is naturally drawn from one's head and face to the shoulder and upper chest region or d├ęcolletage. "Like all aspects of your wedding gown," Jen Molle of Molle Bridals explains, "the neckline reflects your personality. Your Big Day is a very special event, and it's perfectly fine to step outside the boundaries of your everyday style. We see brides going strapless who never have before, and others slipping seamlessly into a one shoulder wedding gown they never thought would look so beautiful on them."

Some necklines are more flattering than others, and each bridal stylist consultant at Molle Bridals has the keen eyes of experience and intricate knowledge of design to guide you into the best neckline for your body type, budget, preferred style and personality.

V-neck - Wedding Gowns

V-neck. No longer just an Ivy League sweater classic, the V-neck offers comfortable fashion for a sensual bodice with tasteful cleavage. The lower point on the V naturally introduces the rest of wedding dress to the waist and on down. The wedding gown with a V-neck is the perfect conduit for an exquisite pendant, locket, precious gemstone or heirloom jewelry that parallels the V shape.

Strapless Wedding Gown

Strapless. The gown held up by the bodice alone connotes risk and sensuality while embracing glamour and elegance. These can be straight across or incorporate a slight V-neck or sweetheart details along the top.

Sweetheart Wedding Gown

Sweetheart. Gentle arcs across the middle or upper chest above the bust line characterize the charming sweetheart neckline. There may be just two arcs portraying the top of a heart, and this one can be sleeveless or incorporate sleeves, short or long.

Square Neck Wedding Gown

Square. The bodice straps - narrow, wide or medium width - rest at right angles to the straight, horizontal top line for a clean, geometric accent.

One Shoulder Wedding Gown

One Shoulder. Smooth and sexy is the enchanting allure of one shoulder crossing to the opposite underarm.

Off the Shoulder Wedding Gown

Off the Shoulder. Straps rest off the shoulders high on the arms and especially accentuate the collar bone and d├ęcolletage.

scoop neck wedding gown

Scoop. This classic U-shape flatters any bust and can rest high, plunge low or offer a lovely frame for nicely shaped cleavage.

High Neck wedding gown

High Neck. Featuring fabric that hugs the neck, this style is classy for its enclosure around the neck, emphasizing the elegance of the neck on the human body.

Bateau wedding gown

Bateau. From the French word for "boat", this neckline is akin to a rowboat as viewed from the side and often found in catalogs like L.L. Bean in tee shirt fabric.

sheer wedding gown

Sheer. This neckline comes in multiple styles just above the bust line and displays a sweet lace or sheer fabric above the dress top. Several considerations are in play for the neckline with jewelry being one. The high neck, sheer and one shoulder may not offer the best open collarbone area for sporting a necklace. The neckline may also be dictated by birthmarks or flaws you wish to keep out of photos. "We find brides have many different comfort zones for their bust line and cleavage, so it's always one of our first questions as we gather information on the personal style of every bride and event venue - casual, church formal, beach, winery, upscale, lowscale, home wedding or nature ceremony," says Kayla Nieves, one of the professional bridal stylists. As you try on wedding dresses, move you arms, walk around, dance, pick up an imaginary champagne glass, sit in a chair, twirl like you own the world. Pay attention to your neckline -- does it scrunch? stretch? jab? need adjustment? The professional wedding gown consultants at Molle Bridals can offer wisdom on every neckline pattern, fit and trend.