Wedding Guest Dress Code Guide

Wedding Guest Dress Code Guide

There’s nothing quite so exciting as getting a wedding invitation in the mail and knowing you’ll get to see one of your loved ones say “I do!” While getting the invite is exciting, sometimes it’s hard to determine what to wear. If you’re not sure how to dress for the event, we’re breaking down each dress code and how to dress for it: 



While the dress code says “casual,” you’ll still need to look nice. This means no jeans, t-shirts, or tank tops. A nice pair of pants, a casual dress, and collared shirts are common. The best way to approach this is by thinking of the dress code in terms of what you would wear to a nice lunch outing or on a date!



A step up from casual but yet not quite fully formal, semi-formal (or cocktail) is one of the more difficult dress codes to understand. For women, this typically means a short, formal cocktail dress or jumpsuit, while for men this means khakis or slacks and a collared shirt. Typically, ties are also encouraged. 

Black Tie Optional


Most guests are confused by black tie optional, which makes sense! As this dress code falls between semi-formal and black tie, it can be confusing to know what to wear! For women, this dress code typically includes nice cocktail attire or full-length dresses. For men, it’s exactly as it sounds: either a black tuxedo, or a dark colored suit. 

Black Tie


As the most formal dress code, black tie includes the most formal attire you can wear. For women, this means full-length dresses or nice pantsuits, depending on your preference. For men, this means you wear a tuxedo—hence the name “black tie.”