Do I need an appointment? 

Yes please! We are by appointment only so that we can give each bride a wonderful and focused experience.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Just yourself! If you’d like to bring a strapless bra or your favorite pair of heels, you can, otherwise we have you covered!

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

Our seating area for each bride can comfortably fit about 6 people. Larger groups can snuggle, but our motto is “less is more.”

Can I bring food and drink?

We do not allow food or drink in our boutique.  We do provide water bottles to keep you and your guests refreshed and hydrated.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

We all have children and adore our little ones very much. However, it is so much easier if you leave your children at home so that you can focus on finding the perfect dress for your special day.

How far in advance should I order my dress?

It takes approximately 4-6 months to order a wedding dress and about 2 months for gown alterations. So we like to have at least 9 months prior to your wedding day to work with. If you’re in a time crunch, give us a call and we can talk you through some alternative options.

How long does an appointment last?

We reserve an hour and a half for each bride during all normal appointments. That’s more than enough time to try on lots and lots of our gorgeous gowns!

What is the price range of your gowns?

Our gorgeous bridal gowns range in price from $1400 to $7000 with majority in the $1500 to $2800 range. We do our best to have a wide selection to make every bridal budget happy.

Can I buy my dress same day or special order?

We do have a selection of inventory dresses available for immediate purchase. Sizes are usually 10’s, 12’s and 14’s. Most dresses can be taken down 2 sizes.  Your stylist will definitely make a recommendation if it can be done.  You can also special order a dress in a specific color or size if time permits.

What is “bridal size”?

In the bridal world, we order gowns based on our designers’ size charts. Bridal gowns tend to run smaller than street size clothing. For example, a bridal size 10 would fit someone who is around a street size 6. The gowns in our boutique are usually bridal size 10’s, 12’s and 14’s.

What’s a “Sample Sale”?

This is a special event where we sell select floor inventory dresses at super low prices. It’s fast-paced, fun, and the perfect opportunity for a bargain hunter to find something special! The gowns have been tried on before so they are not brand new, but they’re in great condition and incredibly discounted!

What’s a “Trunk Show”?

A trunk show is a magical weekend where we highlight one of our designers.  The designer usually sends us 20 or more of their newest gowns to show to our brides! The sizes are usually 8’s and 10’s.

Do you have “in-house” alterations?

We only want the best seamstresses handling your gown.  At the time of your purchase, we will provide the names of our 3 highly recommended, locally independent seamstresses who have 15+ years of experience in bridal.  In the boutique, we are trained to make size recommendations and precisely measure you for your special order gown.  Once your gown arrives, our seamstresses will perfect your gown to comfortably fit you the way you want.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Sure! However, because our weekend appointments are in such high demand, we do have a more strict cancellation policy for Saturday appointments. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This allows us to help another bride in your allotted time slot.

What happens if I’m early or late for my appointment?

In order to preserve each bride’s unique experience, we try to keep the boutique as quiet and private as possible. As much as we would love to accommodate our brides early for their appointments (and we’re glad you’re so excited to see us!), we kindly ask that you plan to arrive right at your appointment time. Brides that are running at tad bit late should simply be mindful that the appointments are an hour and a half. We’ll see as much as we can with the time remaining in your appointment when you get here.

Where should I park?

The closest area to us is near Toojays or Carl’s Patio Furniture.  For more information, please feel free to give us a call.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards.  Sorry no personal checks.

What’s the best piece of advice for a bride shopping?

Be open minded and don’t be nervous.  It’s your special day so enjoy the moment!  Also, bring those people whose opinions matter the most to you and who know your vision for your special day.  Less is more so know it is perfectly fine to bring just yourself or 1, 2 or 3 special people as it will be less overwhelming and easier for you to make a decision on a dress that “you” truly love.   And it is okay and very common to find your gorgeous dress at your first boutique. Most brides do not shop everywhere anymore as their time is precious and it can be exhausting. If you love your dress, love your experience and love your boutique, it’s the one!  Don’t second guess it or stress yourself wondering if there’s something else out there.  Commit to it and check it off your list.  You will definitely feel so much weight off your shoulders.  Also, find a boutique that has great reviews, is clean and organized and has a great assortment of today’s styles.  Most importantly, it’s your day and your dress! Remember to pick a dress that you love that makes you feel beautiful and confident and you can look back at 20 years from now and know you still love it!

Have more questions? Contact us!